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Lakeisha 'Lucky' Patterson

Lakeisha or 'Lucky' as she is most commonly known, is a 20 year old Australian Paralympic Swimmer, 6x Paralympic Medalist and multiple World Record holder, conquering the world one lap at a time!

Lucky strongly believes in hard work and is absolutely determined to break down barriers and achieve what many people around her say is the impossible. Defying the odds is simply what she does best! Be inspired by Lucky’s motivation, enthusiasm and can-do attitude to become the very best version of yourself! Read more about Lucky.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.
— Seneca

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Welcome to my world of Water! Forever consumed by the daily grind and constant hours in and out of the pool, and with the ever-present smell of chlorine as my perfume I wouldn’t change this life for another. While life has it’s challenging moments, I know that I can always count on the pool. The pool is my safe haven, natural stress reliever and my home. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my life and feel free to contact with any enquiries.
— Lakeisha Patterson